Tetris is a computer game invented by Alexey Pajitnov in 1985 at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia. Tetris was part of the classic handheld Game Boy console.

The objective of Tetris is to complete full solid lines (no gaps). When you make a line it disappears and all the blocks shift accordingly. If you let the blocks reach the top of the Tetris board, you lose. You cannot win a Tetris game, though you can attempt to get the high score.

Tetris Scoring

Tetris has a slightly complicated scoring system. There are four ways of clearing lines, and each has a different scoring formula:

  1. Single. level*40+40
  2. Double. level*100+100
  3. Triple. level*300+300
  4. Tetris. level*1200+1200

Tetris only goes up to level ten, and starts at level zero. This means that the maximum score per-block is 13,200, while the lowest possible score is 40.

Play Tetris

Think you're ready to play Tetris? Then go ahead and play Tetris!

The controls of Tetris are very easy, and are as follows: